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About This Project

The idea that all brands have personality is a fallacy. Not all brands need personality. However, the brands who do, present an interesting challenge. How do you translate a brand’s organic personality in a way that doesn’t damage its authenticity? The answer is, very carefully.

Blind Color Hats is a homegrown brand started in Michigan by Marcus James “The Hatmaker”. Today, the brand finds itself in Miami, in the middle of an overwhelming response to their headwear, and an even bigger response to their message Good Day Every Day, Positive Headwear With A Smile, very simple but also very effective. Perhaps the most impressive part is how true the message is within the company. The individuals behind the brand believe very strongly in its message and that’s what makes it so powerful. Immediately we knew that the message could not suffer or it wasn’t going to work.

One thing we can say for sure coming out of this project is that it was a particularly positive experience as has been the continued relationship. Plus, we also got a cool hat out of the deal… We love you Heather Grey.

Q1 – 2015

Blind Color Hats

Caro Murado
Josh Hernandez
Sebastian Hart
Mario de Leon